• Hea Koostöö Hoiu-laenuühistu (Good Cooperation Savings and Loans Association) is the first ethical financial institution in Estonia and was established in Tallinn on  May 29, 2015 by 48 founding members.
  • Good Cooperation SLA takes deposits and lends money to ecologically and socially responsible projects.
  • Good Cooperation SLA focuses mainly on three target groups:
  1. Private persons whose values and projects are in tune with the principles of Good Cooperataion SLA;
  2. Companies whose activities match the values of Good Cooperation SLA – e.g. organic food production and shops, renewable energy supply, social enterprises, etc;
  3. Social projects and communities like Free Schools, Waldorf/Steinerschools, kindergartens, eco – villages, etc.


Good Cooperation SLA uses its finances, networks and technological skills to support the mentioned target groups. Good Cooperation SLA evaluates projects regarding their compatibility with its values and assists in developing projects according to social, economical and sustainable principles. Good Cooperation SLA unites competence and best global practice in order to share these within its community.