Summer School on Social Banking

Future Finance

Banking on Values in a Digital World


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26 June – 1 July 2016

Tallinn, Estonia

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The 9th Summer School of the Institute for Social Banking will be held in Tallinn, jointly with the Hea Koostöö Savings and Loans Association (Good Cooperation SLA) from June 26 to July 1 2016. The Good Cooperation SLA is a young banking initiative and the first ethical financial institution in Estonia.

At the Summer School you will have the unique opportunity to meet together – in a lab-atmosphere – with representatives of both, the values based banking and finance sector and the digital FinTec sector. You will learn about values based banking, jointly create digital tools and look on chances and challenges.

Values based banking, based on strong non-monetary values and relationships has grown significantly recently. At the same time it is experiencing many developments, which come with substantial opportunities and challenges. One of these developments is digitalisation and disruptive technology, which has the potential to change not only the face but the very nature of banks and the financial sector overall.

Multichannel, social, digital, Big Data, anytime and anywhere, ultra-fast response times, omnipresent advisors, transparent, crowd, network, community-engagement, peer-to-peer – is that future financing?

The increasingly interconnected and digital world brings confusion and complexity, but at the same time it offers huge opportunities for the sustainable banking and finance sector. What are the next steps for values based banks and finance institutions on their banking journey – towards humane and sustainable values – in the context of digitalisation? As pioneers in relationship based and transparent banking, what role do sustainable banks play? Ideally, values based banking can combine the benefits of two worlds – using sustainable finance and digitalisation as an instrument to shape our society in a sustainable way.

The focus here will be on values based banks. But we will also look at the FinTec sector and other – mainly internet-based – financial service providers. We will engage with topics such as:

  • Today’s pressing societal challenges – and what they have to do with banking, finance and digitalisation
  • How does values based banking work – similarities and differences in

o    values and philosophies
o    approaches and working methods
o    products and services

  • Future banking and finance – opportunities and challenges
  • which will be the future services in the context of relationships, community building and

o    transparency?
o    which digital solutions / tools do they need?
o    what can we  learn from FinTec start ups?

  • Changing, mutating and transforming sustainable banking and values based finance
  • Building a community platform of sustainable banks on an European level – using digitalisation

We will work on the above topics in various ways – lectures, lab-format, plenaries, workshops, home groups, field trips, open space sessions, personal reflection, transformative and mindful learning, moderated group processes. We will gain insights from finance professionals, clients, tech professionals, industry commentators, academics and artists.

Language: English

Place: Telliskivi, Tallinn, Estonia